The PÖSSL GROUP is a pioneer and innovator in the campervan sector with a story of success that started back in 1989 and continues to this very day.

THE origins OF PÖSSL AND acquisition BY THE GLÜCK

GROUP The company “Pössl Freizeit und Sport GmbH” was founded by Peter Pössl based on the philosophy of making and selling cost-effective, fully-converted campervans. A fundamentally sound idea, it arrived too early for the market at the time. It was following its acquisition by the Munich-based Glück Group – already a distribution partner at the time – that the PÖSSL name really gained momentum on the back of rising demand, which triggered annually increasing production figures. Today, the Glück Group remains the main shareholder with Markus Wahl still in the driving seat as Managing Director.


Today’s PÖSSL GROUP is created with the arrival of the CLEVER VANS, GLOBECAR, and ROADCAR makes, together with the VANLINE compact bus class alongside the PÖSSL own brand. The Group includes the company’s own production centres in Vielbrunn and Dachwig, operating under the “H Line Produktion GmbH” company name. The PÖSSL GROUP is managed by a number of directors and divisional heads assigned to various areas of activity. Alongside the company‘s in-house sites, there is also a production operation in Hungary and suppliers include renowned recreational vehicle manufacturers in Isny and Würzburg.

Director Markus Wahl
Design and development of individual installation elements.
Laser robots cutting with pin-point accuracy.

One main, unchanging principle lies behind the creation of our diverse model range – to offer our customers and future camping enthusiasts what they want and what they need in their day-to-day and recreational lives. What thrilled our customers back then, still delights today: The PÖSSL GROUP has mastered the art of utilising space, allowing it to perfect the vehicles sourced from various makers, and making it a pioneer in the realisation of diverse layouts featuring different sleeping configurations in models extending from five to 6.40 metres: lateral beds, single beds, and beds with electrical height adjustment.

Then there came innovative layouts and refrigerator designs, as well as bath/washroom variations: Aside from the traditional timber-finished bathroom, customers also have the option of an enclosed bathroom or the practical swing-wall washroom. SUMMIT PRIME vehicles are equipped with the serial SkyRoof® located in the cab area, while the SUMMIT SHINE comes with the patented MultiRoof. The patented outside kitchen design is a self-evident innovation for compact buses. There‘s good reason why the PÖSSL name is synonymous for campervans. The current market for campervans has practically exploded, and now accounts for more than 50 percent of all recreational vehicles sold. And panel vans and compact buses are the biggest winners in the current motorhome boom. The PÖSSL GROUP enjoys a large share of it: It produced around 15,000 vehicles in 2021.