The beginnings of pössl and the takeover by the Glück Group

Peter Pössl founded Pössl Freizeit und Sport GmbH with the aim of selling converted campervans at reasonable prices. Sadly, this essentially great idea was launched on the market before its time was ripe. After the takeover by one of the company's trading partners, the Munich-based Glück Group, the PÖSSL brand really took off due to the growing demand and the resulting annual increase in production figures. Today, the Glück Group is still the main owner; and Markus Wahl continues to hold the position of Managing Director, then as now.


The PÖSSL GROUP is created

With the foundation of the brands CLEVER VANS, GLOBECAR, ROADCAR as well as the compact bus class VANLINE in addition to the core brand PÖSSL, today's PÖSSL GROUP was created. It also includes its own production facilities in Vielbrunn and Dachwig, which operate under the name of H-Line Produktion GmbH. The PÖSSL GROUP is managed by several Managing Directors and Division Managers according to their areas of responsibility. In addition to its two own plants, the company also produces in Hungary and acts as an external supplier for renowned recreational vehicle manufacturers in Isny and near Würzburg.



Innovative spirit meets expertise

The main aim behind the creation of the diverse models is still to provide customers and future campers with what they want - and also need - for everyday life and on their travels. The idea, which fascinated people from the start, still enjoys great popularity today: The PÖSSL GROUP has mastered the fine art of utilizing space, has perfected its models of the various brands accordingly and is rightly considered a pioneer in terms of the realization of different layout variants with diverse sleeping options in the various lengths from five to 6.40 meters: Transverse beds, single beds and even beds with electrical height adjustment. Furthermore, novel layout and refrigerator concepts have been implemented and bathroom variants have been developed: In addition to the classic wooden bathroom, customers can choose between the full-room bathroom or the practical swivel bathroom. The "Summit Prime" series is standard-equipped with the so-called Sky-Roof® in the cab area, while the "Summit Shine" series is fitted with the patented multi-roof. In the compact buses, the patented external kitchen design speaks for itself. The name PÖSSL is rightly used synonymous with campervans. 
In recent years, the market for campervans has virtually exploded and currently accounts for over 50 percent of all motorhomes sold. Therefore, van and compact bus sales have profited most from the current recreational vehicle boom. The PÖSSL GROUP has had a big share in this surge of interest: In 2021, it produced approximately 15,000 vehicles.