Weekend trip with the CAMPSTER to the countryside

Get into our CAMPSTER, turn 3 times and we have arrived in our short vacation. Fall asleep in the middle of nature with a view of the stars, to be woken up in the morning by the sun and the chirping of birds. After a stressful week, in which a lot of things were done and the current restrictions additionally challenge you, the desire is great to escape the daily routine without much effort.

So far it meant: Select desire goal, route plan, hotel or pension book, routes and enterprises plan.

In short: additional stress. In addition, the question currently arises whether one would like to go to a hotel with strangers under the given circumstances. All this is not exactly the relaxation one would actually wish for in order to get away from the week. With our CAMPSTER it was much more relaxed: Packing seven things, shopping for delicious provisions and off we went! On the highway towards green and nature pure. If we feel like it, we just leave the highway and follow the country road for a while. Often you will not only find a cozy – and legal – place to park for the night, but you will pass village markets or farmers with fresh and super delicious products. To drive into the freshness and enjoy the freshness – what more do you want?

We quickly found a nice pitch and after a long walk we sit in front of our CAMPSTER and enjoy the undisturbed peace and quiet and the idyllic view. And in the fresh air the red wine tastes twice as good.

In the evening we retire to our mobile home, cuddle up in the pop-up roof, open the panorama roof and enjoy the colors of the sunset. We are relaxed, rested and already excited about the next day. Sunrays tickle us awake the next morning. We drive to the next village, get fresh bread rolls and have breakfast in front of our CAMPSTER. Then we start the Saturday in the same way: drive off, discover a new beautiful place and just keep on enjoying!

The perfect weekend for us!

Your Timo