Trip with the CAMPSTER CULT to the mountain lake

According to the motto “Just go for it” we landed with our CAMPSTER CULT at this beautiful mountain lake in the Alps. This crystal clear lake is situated in the middle of greenery. Here we could switch off, dive into the autumnal nature and enjoy the day completely among ourselves.

Just go down, climb into the CAMPSTER and off we go. We love this feeling that we can “escape” from the daily routine at any time, if we want to … if we have to.

First we went to the supermarket – for the first and last time don’t forget your mouth guard for today – and got some provisions. Tea to warm up, biscuits to nibble on, fruit for lots of vitamins and whatever else you need for a short trip to the countryside.
The ride is super relaxed and accompanied by David Bowie’s HEROES we arrived at a picturesque mountain lake in no time.

It’s time for an exploration tour: Just park and walk! After the walk the kettle is placed on the standard integrated induction plate and we are already sitting outside in front of our CAMPSTER CULT, sipping hot tea and enjoying the fresh mountain air with deep breaths.


The short walk became a short hike. It is just too beautiful to walk along the lake and feel the atmosphere and save it for later. The clear water, the singing birds, the fresh air – pure nature and a relaxed atmosphere to switch off. Finally we leave the everyday life and the stress of the past weeks behind us. Body and soul have time to take a deep breath, breathe deeply and draw new strength and energy.

The evening dawns and we climb into our mobile home on four wheels. The ride back is as relaxing as the whole day was. And in the current situation, that’s all that is needed for happiness and complete satisfaction.

Your Timo