On the road in a campervan in the times of Covid-19 – from the perspective of Kari Schibevaag

Our life in Norway has been limited to our homes for many weeks now. The consequent lockdown was like a wake-up call that everyday life as we know it and which is often taken for granted can change from one day to the next.

I am used to being able to “keep going” at any time. That’s why the travel restrictions were a particularly big challenge for me. Now that we can finally move relatively freely again, I appreciate my mobile home even more.


Of course it is still very important to follow the guidelines of the authorities and it goes without saying that I comply with all measures, because the behavior of each individual has a great influence on our future everyday life, our leisure time and our freedom to travel.

I have finally moved back into my Pössl 2WIN R – my motorhome is probably the safest place for me in these times. I will drive through Norway, stop at deserted places and enjoy the peace and quiet in my retreat and campervan alone or with a few close friends.


What is more beautiful than being able to travel with your own home, to decide for yourself with which people I get in contact and to escape from the Corona everyday life with your own four walls? I have everything I need with me: a shower, a toilet, a kitchen and my own bed. I have a large refrigerator with storage space. That’s why I can always buy my favorite foods in stock and rarely have to go to the supermarket. My Pössl is very compact and dynamic to drive. So it’s easy for me to get to remote places that are beautiful and above all not overcrowded.


My Pössl 2WIN R campervan has undoubtedly made life easier during the Corona peak. Since I always have all my leisure equipment (kiteboards, wetsuits, pump etc.), my everyday items and my well-being equipment on board, I expose myself and others to a very low risk of infection. Therefore I can continue my life as far as possible as before. I am an absolute adventurer who earns his living by travelling and thanks to my Pössl 2WIN R panel van I can continue to do so in the future.

At this moment I am sitting in front of me with my map, which is in use almost every day, looking for small, beautiful and quiet places nearby. I am always on my way to new coastal towns and villages that I want to get to know better or on whose beaches I want to surf.

Every day I look forward to new adventures, which I can experience with my Pössl 2WIN R!

I also hope for a super nice coming season with my motorhome in the wild nature and I hope that you can look forward to a trip with your loved ones and of course your Pössl Group panel van again.

All sides good and safe journey!

Your Kari