Lockdown in Campervan – Field report by Yari Ghidone

My name is Yari Ghidone and I have been living for 3 years in my Pössl Roadcamp together with Chérie, a 7 year old cocker spaniel.


I am professionally involved in photography and video editing and, at the beginning of March, as the situation regarding Covid-19 deteriorated, I decided to flee to a hill at 1,600 meters above sea level in the Piedmontese Alps to work in peace for a few days away from all the hustle and bustle with a fantastic view.


My plan was to stay in this place for about a week and then move on to another valley. Since then, however, 59 more days have passed. I only drove to the next town every 10 days for shopping, refueling and filling up the water tank.

Not too big a change for me, because I have been living in “isolation” for 3 years – far away from the chaos of the cities, surrounded by wild animals and breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, rivers and forests… So I have learned to appreciate everything around me much more. Deer grazing on the lawn near the RV, singing birds that gently wake me up in the morning and howling wolves at night. These are my favorite neighbors!


But living in a motor home in the mountains doesn’t just mean beautiful scenery and bright blue skies. In March there were many rainy days with thunderstorms and storms. The temperature then even dropped to -10°, but I always kept myself nice and warm in my Pössl Roadcamp and often made a campfire and then had a barbecue right away. When you live in a motor home and are on your own, you learn to get the best out of every situation and always manage on your own.

Now the weather has improved, the snow has given way to flowery meadows and green woods, but the lockdown is still on. Of course I don’t take any risks in my Pössl motorhome, but I would like to travel again and explore new places. When the situation will change again is uncertain, but I am confident and look positively into the future.

I use the time to tell stories about myself, my motorhome and our adventures.

See you on the road!

Your Yari