Discovery tour with children in Pössl 2WIN R

This year was different in many ways. Something positive that can be taken from the Corona situation is that we were “forced” to spend our vacations close to home. Since we are at home in Norway, there is a lot to experience and I am very happy about that. Now I only appreciate my home country even more – and I am sure that many people feel the same way. To have the opportunity to explore the idyllic nature and cool destinations nearby with my family in my Pössl Campervan 2WIN R is just awesome.

During the lockdown I had a lot of time to think about how much I value my free time and how much I appreciate having good friends and family near me. Spending time with loved ones and maintaining close relationships is so valuable. That’s why I enjoyed this summer in Norway with my closest friends and family to the fullest and I feel that our connection has become even stronger as a result.

My tip: Use the time at home, make day trips to explore or rediscover idyllic places near your home.

I’ve been on the road with my 11-year-old niece Oda in a Pössl motor home for two weeks now and we had the best time together. Travelling with children never gets boring – especially when you travel with a very creative and energetic child like Oda. It is fun to see how fast she learns and how brave she tries new things. Always with a big smile on her face. Being in the Pössl Camper is perfect for us because it is so easy to just drive away from home and do different things every day – without much planning. When I ask Oda whether she would rather sleep in the house or in the Pössl 2WIN R, the answer is always the same: IN THE CAMPER! Why? Because she loves to wake up every day in new places and we can go straight on to new adventures. She loves that we can always have our home on four wheels with us. We have everything we need with us and the fact that we are not tied to one place makes it especially exciting.

Oda loves the view and the wind when we are on the road and she can stick her head out of the big passenger window. Since she sits higher up in the Pössl 2WIN R, she can really see everything and the ride alone is already a great adventure for her. Besides, the view and the high seating position also helps that she never gets “travel sick” and is nauseous. She feels like a real explorer in the panel van. It is also a great pleasure for me to see my niece with shining eyes in the Pössl motor home. She is very interested in the functions of the Pössl 2WIN R and always wants to know what she too can operate. After a short time she was able to do everything herself – from cooking to filling the water tank to emptying the toilet.

It means a lot to me to spend time with children – that’s Quality Time for me. The great safety that my motorhome offers to take my niece on my adventures is also a big plus.

What we have planned next? A long adventure hike through the forest, SUP paddling with a wetsuit on the next lake we discover, making a campfire and dinner outside, going to a secret beach and race barefoot through the sand, trying out games from my childhood and just enjoying the time together in the Pössl campervan – collecting memories for life that you never forget and giving you energy for everything that comes.

I wish you lots of fun with your kids on your next camping trip with the motorhome!

 Your Kari